Data Protection


Health-tech offers great benefits to patients, clinicians and carers. However, it can be challenging to ship a superior product, while having to comply with information governance and data protection frameworks.

We believe anonymisation and protection of personally identifiable information is vital for maintaining patient integrity and trust in your company. It is our aim to help you ship beautiful products that save lives and are safe.

Data Science


BigData has become an integral part of healthcare. Millions of records, data points and measurements are written, updated and deleted on a daily basis. Making sense out of vast amounts of information presents a well known obstacle.

At Alloc Modulo, we believe intuitive visualisation is just as important as insightful analytics. Hence, our expertise ranges from PhD in health informatics to user design. Let us help you to make your data actionable.

User Engagement


Designing a user-friendly product in healthcare is challenging. Often the ones that benefit most from great design are not your paying customers.

We are aware of the many stakeholders within the field of healthcare. Experience has taught us about building technology that provides an USP for multiple parties. Our philosophy is simple; design for the end-user, build for the customer.